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BeSTEM! Scholarship

The BeSTEM! Scholarship Program relies heavily on the generosity of our donors to be able to use education to create awareness, excitement, and opportunities for underrepresented communities. Every donation helps a student achieve their goals. Together we can be the difference!

For students applying the scholarships, we offer two different scholarships. The BeSTEM! Apprentice Award covers half the cost of the one week camp. The BeSTEM! Dream Big Award covers the full cost of the camp. We encourage students to apply for either scholarship!

Summer Learning Loss has been researched by educators dating back to 1906. Summer learning loss is the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer holidays. Research done by Dr. Cooper “the effect of summer break was more detrimental for math than for reading and most detrimental for math computation and spelling. Also, middle-class students appeared to gain on grade-level equivalent reading recognition tests over summer while lower-income students lost on them.” These studies thus show that reading and math are the most affected subjects and that lower income children were the most affected by the summer learning loss.


The 2019 fiscal year budget proposes to eliminate critical funding for summer learning, cutting the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program: the only federal funding stream dedicated to academic enrichment opportunities for children outside of the classroom, both in the summer and after school.


BeSTEM! believes that the opportunities for self realizations and growth afforded by education should reach every student.

For Potential Donors: The cost per scholarship is $250 per camper.

Donations can be as low as $10. Every donation makes a BIG difference!

BeSTEM! Summer Camp will also match any donations dollar to dollar!

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