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All camps will be held at Thomas S Wootton High School

2100 Wootton Parkway, Rockville, MD, 20850

Robotics: Disaster Relief

Campers 9-14 years old

When disaster strikes its robots to the rescue. Campers choose a disaster scenario to solve using robotics. They combine robotics with their own 3D creations from our 3D Lab to tackle the challenge of saving people and property when disaster strikes. Help design and prototype robots that save lives. In a disaster area, debris needs to be cleared, supplies brought in, and survivors carried out. Are you up to the challenge! Spend a week learning about mechanics and electronics as you engineer these life saving robots.

A Bridge to Engineering

Campers 9-14 years old

Campers work in teams to design, prototype and evaluate a bridge (structure, roadway, and lighting) for a town. Playing the part of engineer, each camper will learn about bridge design, computer aided design, cost optimization using formulas in spreadsheets, physics and force analysis, material science, and how electrical circuits work. See why engineers get paid the big bucks!

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Young Entrepreneurs

Campers 9-14 years old

Ambitious campers will explore their entrepreneurship side as they immerse themselves in the world of business! Campers will explore many different investment strategies, such as debt and money management, stock market, and commodities, as they work together in teams to build a business. Campers learn how to make a preliminary business plan, do marketing analysis, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the competition, compile a financial spreadsheet, and make collaborative decisions.

A World of Drones

Campers 9-14 years old

Explore the world from the sky! Drones are at the forefront of technological advancement. Campers will get an introduction into drone videography and photography. Campers will have daily hands on flying time with drones to learn and improve skills. The ability to add thermal sensors on drones allows campers to conduct search and rescue missions from the sky.

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